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lynn with cowboy:puppy

Lynn McLean, Jack’s Daughter, with “Ramrod” at Shadow Mountain Gallery, Wyoming


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  1. Hello Lynn

    Although I love art, I have never been a big fan of ” cowboy paintings ” as I call them.

    Recently, I was monitoring an auction from Waddington’s, an auction house in Toronto and came across a painting done by your father. The painting is entitled ” CHILCOTIN CANYON “.

    I was mesmerized by your father’s talent, merely looking at the picture of the painting online, so I took a chance, bought it and it arrived yesterday. Wow!! It is even better than I thought it would be !

    You and your sister are very fortunate to have his legacy of fine art. I have collected Canadian fine art for over 40 years and I can honestly say that this is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen.

    I am now a convert; notwithstanding my eastern roots, I will never again show my distain for ” cowboy art “. I only wish your Dad was still around so I could meet him. You are so fortunate to have these paintings to always have him close to you


  2. I have a painting signed by your Dad. Of a cowboy riding through birch trees pulling two pack horses. Beautiful. Douglas Lake. ??story

  3. We have 2 prints of your father that we bought at the grocery store at Wasa campground in 1970’s. One is Bringing Buttons home and the other is Morning MUstang

    • I don’t know where you are located, but I an unframed print of “Calving Siesta” for sale for $150. I am in Kimberley BC. Have no idea how a print would ship if you’re not local.

      • Hello Doreen..That is a lovely print…We are not able to resell that for you, if that’s what you are asking. I’m sure you would be ok if people contacted you at your email and found out more. We have originals and many prints still for sale. Please see our “paintings for sale” page.

  4. Hello there, My husband’s father died last year. He left us an original painting he purchased when my husband was young ( my husband is 49 now. I don’t have the name of the painting but can describe it as two horses tethered to an old blue Chevy ( i think chevy ) truck) with a beautiful background. We just would like to know more about it. If you contact me..I can send you a photo via phone text, fb or email. It is a beautiful painting and we are lucky to have it. Thank you for your time.

  5. In the late 950’s or early 1960’s as a young exploration Geologist I had just returned from a saddle and pack horse trip from examining a mining claim west from Dutch Creek in the Kootenays. I was walking along Howe Street in Vancouver and at Harrison Gallery I saw Jack Lee McLean’s oil painting on a stand in the window.

    The painting had such an immediate effect on me that I walked into the store and paid a months wages ($300) for it then and there!

    Since that time the painting has graced the mantle above our fireplace in the living room of our house. The painting has a man in a red jacket riding a dark red/brown horse leading a white packhorse with panniers and a top load into a stream debouching from snow and ice covered mountains.

    My wife and I decided to travel to the location pasted on the back of the painting, But on more intensive investigation we can not identify the exact location.

    The location is described as:

    “Goat Park in the Selkirk Mountains at the north end of Windermere Lake B.C.”

    We have searched through the topographic maps of the general area, and the glossary of place names but still can not sort out all the possible places with the word “GOAT”.

    Any help or information you can give in our quest would really be appreciated. We hope to take a series of photos when we do discover the location and display them next to the painting.

    Now that we are aware of your site I will later email you a photo I took of the painting and someday our discovery photos of the original location.


    Alex Burton, P. Eng., P. Geo.
    Consulting Geologist
    1408 7 Avenue
    New Westminster, BC, V3M 2K3
    Cel 604 525 8403

  6. Hi,
    I recently bought a piece of art that was signed Jack Lee. Person was from Williams ,Az. Was that your father at some point in his life.
    Thank you

  7. Hello Paula and Lynn, It was my fortune to grow up with you guy’s , fishing, hiking, times at MacDougal pool and watching Jack paint as a boy. I was wondering where canyon mist went. I was on line also looking for the painting of Chief Dan George, any body know where that one is ? I have an original hanging on my wall that was gifted to me from the family, it is something I will treasure always, and pass on to Dakota. Jack gave me some prints just before he passed, and told me that they would make good gifts. Dakota had a accident in Italy that left him on life support, I gave two prints to the doc’s in Italy one to Giulio Mioja and one to Silvio Zerbi for the record. I thought that jack would approve. Wow what a beautiful person to know and an amazing artist. Hi to everyone that we grew up with, and to the ones that didn’t know jack enjoy the art work, it is a calibration of this amazing man. Grant, Theresa & Dakota.

  8. I own a signed jack lee McLean of a cowboy and his pack horse Douglas lake area it’s beautiful can you tell me when your father did this one

  9. A 91 year old friend of mine has a Jack Lee McLean print called Ramrod. What a beautiful piece. He was showing it to me today and commenting on the emotion in the picture. He especially talked about the hands. I told him I would see if I could find out more about the story behind the picture.
    Thank-you for any information that you can share. Is the pup’s name Ramrod?
    Kathy Reid. For Jack Cawdell

  10. i have the print bringing buttons home it says limited 2500 prints but is not signed or numbered picked it up 25 years ago at estate sale it still has the plastic on the print . do not no what to do with it as it does not go with are decor.

    • Hello…The Original painting was worth $5000 plus…prints are worth a lot less..but at least a few hundred dollars in good condition..hope this helps.

  11. Hi, We have a print done by Jack of an Indian with incredible detail.
    We bought this in the 1980’same and are wondering what the value might be today. It is 665 of 950.

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