Old Letters

The following is a brief snippet of history which might be of interest to you.
In 1963 a painting showed up at our household. This was the very first time that I had seen a real piece of Art.
Some time afterward we received a second painting that Dad had specifically ordered. I believe this was sometime in 1964.

Although the following letter is not dated I think it pertains to the winter painting.
My Dad on occasion worked as a Vancouver contact.

I remember seeing a huge number of prints of two different painting which I think my Dad was trying to sell.

I still have one of them.
I can’t give you any context on the following letter.4_4_6414_4_642
By 1965 Jack went high tech with a typewriter.
I don’t believe that any painting ever was traded on this transaction.

However when my Dad got remarried Jack did send his this.

All of the above has a place of honour in my household.

Kind Regards

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