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We would like to thank everyone who has been responding to the site since we started it .

The comments and memories are wonderful and heartwarming.

Thank-you all.

GOOD NEWS for Jack Lee McLean followers.  NEW ORIGINALS for sale !

Please enjoy and contact us if interested..

Cascade Canyon 20 x 30, $6000


Treed, 24 x 30, $6200


Teton Trail, 24 x 40, $11900


Smoke Break, 24 x 30, $7500


Intruders, 24×40, $11900


The Parlay, 20×30, $7200


Jack Lee McLean originals STILL AVAILABLE For Sale

Mail Attachment-13

Shoshone winter push Teton Pass, 24 x 40, $11,600


Mail Attachment-16

Scouting the Pass, 24x 36, $8500


Mail Attachment-14

Trappers Pass, 24 x 40, $11600


Mail Attachment-24

October Lizard, 24 x 36, $10600, (print of this also available)


Mail Attachment-19

Thunder Shy, 24x 30, $8500


Mail Attachment-23

Snubbing the Peak, 24 x 40, $10600


Mail Attachment-18

Chasing Wild Mustangs, 24 x 40, $10600


Mail Attachment-20

Charging Rhino, 20 x 30, $6900


Mail Attachment-25

Best Friends, 20 x 30, $6900


Mail Attachment-21

Bears in the Lupins, 20 x 30, $6000







All prices are without frames, but frames can be purchased for an extra $500, both barnwood or carved wood frames.

If you have any interest in these paintings, we would be happy to talk to you.
Please contact Paula:

or 1-250-225-3330

11 Responses to Paintings For Sale

  1. Hi Paula; I have two paintings of your dads .The great art work captures the real consept of the west. I have purchased these wonderful paintings of you dads and would like to know an thing you can tell me about them such as a year, name, ect. If you e mail me I can send you pictures of the painting so you can see them. Thank You Marv my E- MAIL is

  2. Hi there. we had purchased about 25 years ago an original painting by Jack which we have enjoyed for many years. Now we have moved into a modern home and it doesn’t seem to fit anywhere?/ It is called “Parting Shot” and we would like to sell it.
    Any ideas how to go about this??

  3. I have a signed picture of Jacks in Douglas Lake bc of cowboy and pack horse . I love and treasure it . I love when the evening sun hits it and brings the trees to life .

  4. Had a few Thanksgiving with your dad at the Winters family cabin in Driggs. Have about 7 of his prints but no originals. He gave me a few like Candy’s walk. Glad to see you keeping his work alive

  5. so glad you put up these sites about your father’s artwork. A house I rented many years ago had one of his pieces. I tried to find his name online, but could not find it. I knew looking at the print that who ever he was he was really good. My picture has 2 cowboys in front of a log cabin, snow everywhere. One cowboy is on his horse and the other one standing by his horse. And the sky in the background has a lovely peach colour to it.

    • Glad you found our site..prints and originals are still available..see “paintings for sale” page
      If you email us a picture of the painting we may be able to name it

  6. I have an oil on board 35.5 x 30 cathedral mtn. framed could you please tell me where in Vancouver I could get it appraised.

  7. I have an original oil painting about 24×36, I believe titled Tethered Horse. How would I go about selling it?

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